The Ultimate Guide To Staying Strong, Fit and Healthy Through Your Pregnancy
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Welcome to my pregnancy journey!
A journey that inspired me to help other mamas-to-be enjoy a stronger, fitter and healthier pregnancy.

I've always had a huge passion for health and fitness. I love working out and prior to becoming a mama I set myself the ultimate challenge of stepping on stage. I competed 4 times before I fell pregnant, then it was a different journey I was embarking on entirely!

The goal was no longer about my physique but trying to stay fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy, and to embrace all the changes that were going to occur. I was soon to realise that there isn't much reliable information available to women on what is safe and what is not. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of information but much of it very contradictory in nature. So whilst pregnant, I did a tonne of research and documented my own journey, so that I could pull together everything i'd learned into a handy guide for mamas-to-be.

I enjoyed an active pregnancy right up until the birth of my baby girl, an uncomplicated labour and have suffered no post-partum side-effects. I did however experience diastasis recti and this is something I focus on quite heavily in this guide, especially as it isn't something many women are aware of, or made aware of by their Midwife or Gynaecologist (but really should be!). I had a fairly quick recovery after giving birth and went on to compete on the World stage again 13 months later. Not something I had planned but for me it was the ultimate challenge.

Placing 6th on the World Stage was huge achievement for me after having Atari
There are many things to think about when working out during pregnancy. If you're unsure and plan on doing your own research, it can be hard to find correct & concise information online or in books. This was a problem I had and I spent many hours pulling together information from different sources so that I could enjoy a safe and active pregnancy, and to develop this guide for other mamas-to-be.
As you progress through your pregnancy, there will be specific things you will need to consider, so that you are moving safely and effectively, avoiding any injury or complications as your body adapts to accommodate growing your own baby human.

I have included information on when, how and why to exercise whilst pregnant, busting the myths on do's and don't's. As well as tried and tested workouts, that can take you through each stage of pregnancy safely.

All the workouts in this guide can be regressed or progressed, depending on which trimester you're in, and also how you're feeling. Using a mixture of bodyweight, resistance bands and weights.
Nutrition is also very important during your pregnancy journey and you will want to make sure you're taking the right nutrients on board to support yourself, as well as your baby. You may like my recipe section for this...simple & delicious meal and snack ideas to keep you fuelled and feeling good.

My focus throughout my pregnancy wasn't actually strength or fitness, although feeling good about my body and the changes it was going through of course was. I knew I wouldn't improve on my physique whilst pregnant and had no desire to improve my maximum lifts. My main focus was on our unborn daughter and making sure she was developing well. My experience as an athlete taught me how to listen to my body and I did that more than ever before. My focus was on having a happy, healthy pregnancy. I concentrated on boosting my mood to feel good, which then encouraged me to eat healthier, helped me sleep better and helped combat the hormonal changes my body was undergoing.

Pregnancy is a is truly remarkable journey and it’s important to embrace it and look after your body in the process.

Remaining fit, healthy and strong isn’t the same for every woman and it’s important to have a routine that works for you. This book will help, and together we will start you off on the right foot.

What do you get?
  •  The StrongMama Guide to a Strong, Fit and Healthy Journey through Pregnancy Ebook:  56 Full-Colour Pages of Nutrition and Training Tips and Strategies, Workouts and Recipes
  •  Exercise Guide: A full workout Guide to keep you Strong, Fit and Healthy through your pregnancy
  •  Special Tips: Advanced Tips and Strategies to get the most out of your workouts during pregnancy
  •  Healthy Recipes: I have created some of the most effective and simple nutritious recipes for you to use during your programme to maximise your health and energy levels.
Pregnancy can be a challenging and exhausting journey so if you need to rest, then most definitely take it easy. But remember that sometimes just getting up off the sofa can be the biggest challenge of all and five minutes into a workout you can suddenly feel great and wonder whether the tiredness was just all in your head! Plus you'll enjoy that piece of chocolate cake you (or the baby) have been craving all day!
Having been through this entire ebook during my last two pregnancies I Can Guarantee the Effectiveness of its results!
What others had to say...
“I gave birth to my little boy a week ago today. I purchased your ebook and have followed it the best part of my pregnancy and I couldn’t recommend it enough. The workouts are simple to follow and I could adjust as I went on in my pregnancy. Information in your booklet was informative and set out in simple terms. I can’t thank you enough for putting the ebook together and now waiting for your post partum booklet to come out . Also, loved watching your journey and your honesty about how it has been for you post pregnancy, thank you xxx”
“Before being pregnant I was pretty athletic doing a lot of HIIT & running but really small lifting only LesMills courses (BodyPump) twice a week. I have started following your ebook on month 5 of my pregnancy, and thank god I have been able to workout almost until the end (2 days before the labour). Your ebook was a total discovery of strength training for me and it helped me maintain my health & fitness. I love this guide so much! 2 months after delivering i’m almost back In shape!! I am still not yet working out but doing a lot of walking. Only 6kg left (I put on 16kg). I can’t wait for your post-baby guide Mirella way to go!”
"Having worked with Mirella & her team previously, I was really excited when Mirella released her StrongMama Pregnancy Guide. I was very active in my first pregnancy but my training style was completely different, far more cardio-based. So since taking up weight training I was unsure how to adapt when pregnant. Mirella’s Guide gives you simple workout sessions to follow that don’t take too long to complete but make you feel like you have had a satisfying workout. I felt confident doing the sessions and knew when to look out for diatasis recti (I suffered with this in my first pregnancy). The food section is brilliant, lots of lovely recipes that are easy to make & really satisfying, particularly when the sweet cravings hit. I still make several of the recipes now as they have become firm favourites, especially the granola & clean choccy mouse! Overall I found the Guide well-written and really informative, everything I needed to see me through my second pregnancy safely". 
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I follow the workouts even if I have never lifted weights before?  Yes, most of the workouts can be done using just bodyweight and resistance bands. 
  •  Are there exercises I shouldn't do when pregnant? There are many things to consider when exercising safely in pregnancy, which I have mentioned throughout this Guide. 
  •  What exercises are safe during pregnancy?  You can do just about anything but caution should be taken when it comes to balance and your core. .
  •  Should I be concerned about body heat when pregnant and getting too hot? Yes, over-heating isn't a good idea for you or baby. This is something to be mindful of. 
  •   How much weight is safe to put on in pregnancy? Weight can vary from person to person and is very individual. Remember, each pregnancy journey is different but pregnancy is not a time to let yourself go but to nourish and nurture your body. 
Keeping Strong, Fit and Healthy Through Pregnancy ebook

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