The Ultimate Guide To GETTING BACK IN SHAPE AFTER Your Pregnancy
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This eBook follows on from my StrongMama – Keeping Strong, Fit & Healthy through Pregnancy guide.

After what I found to be a truly fascinating journey being pregnant, came the wonders of becoming a Mama, the most amazing gift I could ever have imagined! But with this came the need to remember who I was and everything I have worked so hard for in both my career and personal life, ultimately my passion for fitness and inspiring others!

All of a sudden I had a new-found motivation for everything I do!
After 9 months being pregnant and all the changes my body had gone through came the need to have a very careful and safe journey back to my love of lifting weights. I knew it wasn't going to be a case of the extra pregnancy weight just falling off and me bouncing back into shape. The truth is that doesn't happen! This was going to take time, effort and patience.

 After 6 months rehab and careful structured training, I was back to building strength, and ultimately stepping on stage again 13 months post-partum. This wasn't something I had initially planned but I was excited to have a goal and a focus, as well as to make this new little person in my life proud of her Mama in years to come.

It was a long and patient process but one that I learned a lot from. And the reason why I have put this eBook together for you to be able to do the same. Not to step on stage but to build a strong, fit and healthy  body that is right for you and you can be proud of!

I have spoken to many women who have jumped back into exercising too soon after giving birth and who have encountered problems and injuries as a result. Your post-partum journey should never be rushed and it is important to be careful and cautious.

This guide is to help you to rebuild your strength step-by-step, from the inside-out, so that you can get back to working out again safely and effectively.

Your body needs time to adjust after 9 months of growing a baby human. Even though to the outside world it looked like I had just "bounced back", my skin took a long time to return to "normal" after I had my baby so it's important to be patient and not only trust but enjoy the process. 
There are many things that you will find challenging on your post-partum journey. Not just the sleepless nights and never having enough "me time" but you may also experience an overwhelming feeling of guilt for taking any time for yourself. This is normal for many mums and it's important not to beat yourself up. You are still you and even more so you are now a role model to this little person who will grow up to often do what you do, not what you say! 

One of my biggest challenges was making sure I returned to exercise safely with diastasis recti. I you're unsure what this is, it is when your abdominals separate due to your growing baby through pregnancy and any intra-abdominal pressure that is being created. It is not something to worry about but something to be aware of, especially for safe post-partum rehab. There will be some exercises you will need to avoid and others that you need to be cautious with. Even if you do not experience diastasis recti, it is important to rehab your core back to full strength from the inside out after pregnancy, rather than risk injuries or problems further down the line. Your body has undergone some dramatic changes during those 9 months and will require lots of TLC afterwards. If you've ever heard of women saying that they have never been able to lose their pregnancy belly, well it's highly likely it is because they have never re-trained and re-gained their core strength with the right exercises. And we're not talking any abdominal crunches here! 

What do you get?
  •  The StrongMama Post-Pregnancy Bible:  72 Full-Colour Pages of Training Tips, Strategies, Workouts, Nutrition and Recipes
  •  Exercise Guide: A Full Workout Guide with 4 Phases of Training, Full Body to Split Body workouts, with Essential Core Rehab. Whether you're 2 Weeks or over 12 Months Post-Partum, you can start from Phase 1 at any time.  
  •   Special Tips:  Carefully Researched and Proven Tips and Strategies for a safe post-partum journey and to get in great shape after pregnancy.
  • Healthy Recipes: Quick & Tasty Nutritious Meals based on a real account of "momlife" to keep you fuelled with simple healthy eating!
"Now that you have the Super-Powers only us Mamas can appreciate, you carried and birthed a baby human! You can't get much stronger than that! But you can build your strength back up safely and effectively. If you struggle to do it for you, do it for that little human that is watching his or her mama and learning for that fit and healthy is the future!"

Having Designed this entire ebook Based on Endless Research and My last Post-Partum Journey, I Can Guarantee the Effectiveness of its results!
What others had to say...
"I can’t recommend Mirella’s second Strongmama ebook highly enough. I used her first  ebook during my pregnancy and have been following all her workouts and nutrition advice from the StrongMama Post-Pregnancy Bible since my baby was born. The rehab workouts helped repair my diastatis recti really quickly and due to the easy but yummy recipes I am back to my pre-baby weight 5 months later! Plus making some great changes to my physique already! The workouts are fun and fresh so I’m never bored and enjoy training so much because of the brilliant results I’m getting. Thank you Mirella x" 
Frequently Asked Questions
  •  What if I had my baby over a year ago, is this guide still suitable for me? Whether you're newly post-partum or had your baby a few years ago, this guide will still be extremely beneficial for you to help build your core strength and get in great shape!
  •   Is it safe to do ab crunches to get a stronger core post-baby? Crunches are one exercise which I have avoided included in this guide for many reasons. There are lots of other exercises you can do to build a strong core and flat tummy listed within this guide. 
  •  I suffer from backache since having my baby, can I still workout?  Yes! And it is really important you work on strengthening key areas, such as glutes, and to work on posture to help ease any back pain post-pregnancy. All is carefully explained within this guide. 
  •  I'm not sure if I have diastasis recti. Is this book still suitable for me? Yes! Rehab work to strengthen your body inside out is extremely important for all Mamas post-pregnancy. 
  •   I don't have time to cook! Will the recipes take much time to prepare? Not at all! The Nutrition section is based on my real account of "momlife" and how I got through those early months when there was no time to eat! I have tried to make life simple for you too with just a little preparation and some quick & easy meals.
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